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HOPEJULIA Moisturizing Hair Shampoo Natural Hair Repair HAIRTOLOGY MilkyFruit Haircare 汇集丽三草两木乳木果头发保湿修复天然洗发露洗发水 260ML

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SKU: HAE20210322

Categories: Health & Beauty, Hair Care

HOPEJULIA Moisturizing Hair Repair Natural Hair Shampoo HAIRTOLOGY MilkyFruit Haircare

Volume : 260ML / 750ML
Functions : Hair Moisturizing , Hair Brightening
Ingredients : Silicone Oil Free , Milky Fruit based
Expiry : 3 Years

容量 : 260ML / 750ML
功效 : 秀发保湿 , 回复亮泽
成分 : 无硅油,乳木果精华

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Wa my hair dry like Ilan bilis lahh~
Malaysian like to dye their hair but always didn’t take good care after dye
In the end , split up lo what else can it be ?

Imagine a blond girl with nice body but looking down the hair end all are splitting up
I cannot accept loh ~

Well if u want to dye your hair , can but promise me you will take good care of them by washing constantly with HOPEJULIA Milky Fruit Moisturizing Shampoo Milk
Don’t forget your hair conditioner also lah ~
Confirm your hair end smooth like silk and cantik cantik one lah 💇🏻‍♀️

哇 我的头发干到好像咸鱼这样
我头发才刚染好的咧 发尾分叉到这样这样怎样Impress人哦 ~

马来西亚人就是爱染发 可是通常就是染完就settle
都没有在顾的🤦🏻‍♂️ 这样mana boleh worrrrr

介绍你们简单一瓶护发保湿的神器 HOPEJULIA乳木果保湿滋润修复洗发露
保证你头发又再次cantik cantik 了的咯~

#natural shampoo
#natural hair shampoo

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