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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register my account ? Follow this link to register as a buyer. Buyer Registration


How do you determine the shipping ? How do you determine the shipping ?
What if I order multiple order, do I pay shipping fees only one time ? Answer is No. The delivery fees is calculated and charged individually per each seller. If you are buying products from the same Merchant, you are most likely to pay delivery fees one time for all when you check out from one Merchant.
How can I trace my delivery status ? Tracking number will be issued to orders which are shipped by merchant, you can check your delivery status at User Portal, please note that this page require user to login.


How to register as a New Merchant ? Email us at [email protected]
How much is the registration fees ? No registration fees. A certain percentage amount of the marketing fees will be allocated by you for each products listed at our mall.
How to upload products ? We are different from other platform. You must upload products through us as we will filter your products, price and quality to ensure fair market place in our Affianze mall.