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Welcome to Affianze is a new E-commerce platform in Malaysia. is established since September 2020 and co-founded by Kan Da Xing. He is practising lawyer since 2016. The job opportunity is getting lesser. Therefore, people are facing difficulties since they lose their job and is a platform creating an opportunity for everyone who willingly starts their own business without capital.

Through, with every single purchase, Shoppers will receive Real Cash Back. The Real Cash Back will be directly banked into shoppers’ bank account. It is not the traditional way of keeping points or credits within the platform. provides a best formula solution for customer and merchant. He believes with this formula, will be next trending choice for shoppers and merchants.

As Chief Executive Officer of, Mr Kan Da Xing believe as a leader integrity is the core value for We promise every transaction payments and Real Cash Back will be delivered without delay.

Vision will be a fair and impartial platform which creates a second income for 1% worldwide populations.


  1. To contribute 30% of sales revenue in each of our Merchant.
  2. Creating a passive RM500.00 monthly income for One Million Malaysia Families.
  3. Ten Thousand of Merchants in Southeast Asia to join in 2023.

“We serve, care and understand the needs of other people. Through, we can create a better online shopping ecosystem and experiences for Merchants and Shoppers.”

By Da Xing (CEO of