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HOPEJULIA Anti Hair Fall Hair Loss Hair Shampoo Natural Ginger 750ML HAIRTOLOGY 汇集丽三草两木小黄姜强根健发防脱发天然洗发露

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SKU: HAE20210322

Categories: Health & Beauty, Hair Care

HOPEJULIA Ginger Anti Hair Fall Natural Hair Shampoo 750ML 260ML Hair Loss HAIRTOLOGY

Volume : 260ML / 750ML
Functions : Prevent Hair Loss , Promote Hair Growth
Ingredients : Silicone Oil Free , Ginger based
Expiry : 3 Years

容量 : 260ML / 750ML
功效 : 防脱发,生发
成分 : 无硅油,生姜精华
保质期 : 3年

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Working & Study very stress ahhhh.
I can see my hair falling everyday on my floor , between the books pages...
Sooner or later I gonna become botak 🤦🏻‍♂️

Now I don’t even dare to comb my hair or gel my hair
Apa boleh saya buat~

Easy lah just make sure you have a clean scalp by washing your hair with HOPEJULIA Ginger Hair Shampoo ( Scalp ≠ Hair )
Everything will be settled lah 🤟🏻

Oh ya don’t forget to live a healthy lifestyle and eat clean too :)

工作读书压力山大 压到头皮都beh tahan开始脱毛了
可以看到头发慢慢变成了地板上的carpet 和书本页面中的书签🤦🏻‍♂️
害我现在都不敢梳头发Gel头 怎样出去见人哦~

只要有在保养头皮(头皮≠ 头发),使用HOPEJULIA小黄姜强根健发洗发露洗发水洗头
头皮每天清爽营养满满 我就不信掉发不减少咯😩


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