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Milbon Cronna Damask Rose Treatment (360ml)

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SKU: MAB20210212

Categories: Health & Beauty, Hair Care

💢 一招完美拯救你的干枯,毛燥头💢

Milbon * New Launching *✨Made In Japan ✨
CRONNA Series - Natural Hair Care for Colored Hair
< 深层滋养·润泽活发 >

Home care collection with natural ingredients
🌹Shampoo & Treatment for Colored Hair
✔️infused with aroma squalene rose
✔️improve shine and smooth texture
✔️suppress color fading

Daily use shampoo and treatment perfect for after color treated hair that helps to suppress color fading while giving you that shiny manageable hair.
CRONNA 系列 - 染发后的天然护发产品

🌹Shampoo & Treatment for Colored Hair

CRONNA is a combination of the words "crono" and "donna" which aims to make women ageless through time as we preserve the beauty of the hair, capturing the beauty of women.

[ Milbon Cronna Treatment - 360g ]
Daily use treatment perfect for after color treated hair with the capping effect that give shiny, manageable hair and improves smooth texture!

CRONNA capping effect creates shine and manageable able. It repair the hair and suppress the protein outflow.

🌱 Power Ingredients:
✓ Aroma Squalane Rose
Beauty oil that is excellent in moisturizing which has been extracted by soaking Damask Rose in squalane derived from sugar cane.
✓ Magnesium Chloride
Main ingredients of bittern that is essential for making tofu. The same rule to harden tofu (solidify protein) is applied on the hair
✓ Keratin protein

📌 How To Use:
After shampooing, apply to wet hair from mid-length to the ends of your hair. Massage the conditioner for about 30 seconds until your hair feels soft and smooth. Rinse thoroughly.