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Travel tea set Suit Gift tea set 便攜旅行功夫茶具套裝戶外家用簡約茶具車載陶瓷茶壺整套茶盤茶杯

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SKU: EPSE20210520

Categories: Home & Living, Kitchen & Dining

🔥精美高贵 🔥便攜旅行功夫茶具套裝 Travel tea set Suit Gift tea set

结婚/生日/新迁居家/员工送礼/ 圣诞礼物/新年送礼/ 马来西亚48小时内发货💪

材质: 新骨瓷💪
Material: New : Ceramic Carp Fish Design teapot set 💪

Ship Within 48 Hour

Tea tableware craft: color glaze💪

购前须知 Know Before You Buy :
Pre-purchase notice: Ceramic products due to process problems and high-temperature firing process, occasionally there will be some slight lack of porcelain or black and white small spots of impurities, small protrusions and small phenomenon, does not affect the overall appearance ,In addition, the manufacturer mentioned that some carp tails will have small cracks in the craftsmanship. This is also normal and cannot be choose and shipped randomly. Do not Order if you are very mind .

Buyers need to know: sellers will try to pack safely and then ship, because it is fragile items, the delivery process may cause small defects, Do not Order if you are very mind .💪