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Chinese Tea Set (ceramic) with 3D Carp Effects【ReadyStock】- 七彩冰裂鲤鱼茶具/ 茶壶+茶杯装 Ceramic Carp Fish Design Teapot Set

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SKU: EPSE20210520

Categories: Home & Living, Kitchen & Dining

[READY STOCK] Ceramic Cup 55° Constant Temperature Cup Smart Heating Pad Mug Office Plug-In Electric Coaster Gift Box Set
Price : RM57.80/box
Material : Tempered Glass / Ceramic
Color : Cyan / Pink / White
Cup Capacity : 400ml
Control Method : Touch
Heating Temperature : about 55°C
Rated Voltage : 220V-50Hz
Rated Power : 16W
Size : As Picture

Lock the cup in the cup to warm the stomach at warm moments, the temperature is suitable for people to drink, you can drink it with your hand, 55°C love is just right, and it can reach 55°C in about 30 minutes. With just one touch, you can keep warm for a long time, neither cold nor hot, and the temperature is just right; you can drink warm and warm drinks when you are busy, allowing you to keep healthy and work well.

√ Compact body, easy and convenient, does not touch too much space on the desktop, you can bring it wherever you are, and never leave your hand.
√ High efficiency of heat collection, rapid heat conduction heating, uniform and fast heat energy, and long-lasting comfortable temperature.
√ The pattern is flat-bottomed and has no dents, and it is seamlessly combined with ceramics. It is heated evenly, dissipates heat at high temperature, and gathers energy at low temperature.
√ Directly turn on the temperature control function through gravity sensor, portable temperature control without extra steps, just put the cup on.
√ The panel adopts stable tempered glass, fast heat conduction, uniform heating, waterproof and easy to clean, durable and wear-resistant.
√ The exquisite gift box with the rope, delete the complicated and simplify, and no gift without packaging, let him feel your intentions.

[现货] 暖暖陶瓷杯55度恒温杯智能加热垫马克杯办公室插电热杯垫礼盒套装
颜色:青色 / 粉色 / 白色
额定电压:220V - 50Hz


√ 小巧机身,轻松便捷,不沾桌面太多空间,做到哪带到哪,温暖从此不离手。
√ 热量娶集高效,迅速导热升温,热能均匀快速,持久保持舒适的温度。
√ 花纹平底无凹陷贴合设计,与陶瓷无缝结合,受热均匀,高温散热,低温聚能。
√ 通过重力感应直接开启控温功能,便携式温度控制无需多余的步骤,杯子放上即可。
√ 面板采用稳固钢化玻璃,快速导热,均匀受热,防水易清洗,耐用耐磨。
√ 提绳精美礼盒,删繁就简,无包装不礼物,让他感受到你的用心。