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#Propolis The natural antibiotic protect immune system 龙鹤蜂胶萃取液#

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SKU: YAB20210319

Categories: Health & Beauty, Supplements

ropolis important ingredients

1. Flavonoid

Strengthen cell membrane and activate cellular function
Synthesize connective tissue for cell regeneration
Restrain malignant tumor and prevent carcinogen formation
Purify blood and strengthen blood vessel (maintain elasticity)
Resist formation of free radicals with its anti-oxidation effect
2. Vitamin P

Produces natural interferon
Enhance immunity
Strengthen blood vessel wall
Soften blood vessel.
3. Strong specific enzymes
Human aging and cancer formation are related to enzyme insufficiency. There are four confirmed enzymes in Propolis:

In the world of enzyme therapy, the therapeutic effects of these enzymes are the same as antibiotics.

4. Phytoncide
Stabilizes emotion and rejuvenates body constitution

5. Organic acid, Caffeic acid, Cinnamic acid
With anti-virus, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal property. It is able to treat diarrhea.
Longheh Propolis Extract
Longheh Propolis extract uses top grade Brazilian Propolis which is recognized by doctors worldwide as having the best beneficial substances. It has also passed through HACCP international quality certification, with a very strict technical management.

Using high technology extraction and purification, the resulting Propolis concentration reaches 48 percent. This is currently considered the world's most concentrated and purest Propolis extract.

Recommended Usage

Oral: Proportionately, take one drop for every 10 kg body weight. Mix with warm or room temperature water for drinking. Never drop it directly into mouth.

External use: Mix lotion or Vaseline with Propolis and apply on affected area. It may improve various skin diseases.

Bathing: Adding a little Propolis into bath water can improves skin complexion and sterilization. It also promotes blood circulation, prevents skin diseases, and improves rheumatism and bone pain effectively.

20 ml (approximately 550 drops)
龍鶴蜂膠萃取液Long-Heh Propolis Extract