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NANO-X Deodorant Spray Shoes Sterilization Removal Footwear Anti-odor Artifact Sneakers

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SKU: MM20210910

Categories: Women's Shoes, Shoe Care & Accessories

What Causes Foul Smell In Shoes?

Sweat (Contain Ammonia) / Lack of ventilation

Actually foul smell is causedby bacteria and fungi growth, environment inside our shoes are conducivefor bacteria to grow....... humid and moistire.

With Nano-X treatedon in-sole of shoes & socks. In addition to preventing bacteria and odors. you will be free from bacteria, virus, mould, fungal and unpleasant odour, Giving us a through experience of clean & healthy lifestyle.

Spray directly inside the shoes and car.

- Free of bacteria, mold, fungus and unpleasant smell.

- keep your shoes clean and healthy.


- Titanium dioxide

- Nano silver

- In-organic binder

- Purified water

Product Volume 30ml