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TopClean Colour Catcher Color Magnet Stops Colors Run In Mixed Washes

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SKU: MM20210910

Categories: Groceries & Pets, Household Supplies

Product Description :

Colour Magnet sheets absorb and trap loose dyes in your wash water, to prevent dyes from running or bleeding onto other clothes. When you wash mixed coloured clothes, the hot water and detergent loosen the dye causing it to run. Safeguarding your clothes from colour bleeds and helping to preserve colours. The proof is on the sheet-each sheet changes colour as it absorbs these loose dyes. Helps save you time by reducing the need for sorting. Use Colour Magnet sheets in every load to keep clothes looking vibrant and bright. Colour Magnet is suitable for all type of Washing Machines.

Material: Nonwoven Spunlace

Includes 20 sheets

Sheets lock up loose dyes found in the wash water to help prevent dyes from bleeding onto other clothes

Will Protect Your Clothing Every Time You Do A Load Of Laundry

They Act Like A Magnet In Your Washing Machine & Will Attract Loose Dyes In The Wash & Lock Them

Helps Keep Your Colored Clothes Bright

Bold & Vibrant & Your Whites Their Whitest.

Sheets change color as they absorb any loose dyes

Saves time by reducing the need for sorting

Saves money by reducing the need for half-size loads

Safe for all colorfast washables. Works in all water temperatures