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Dried Freeze Quail Eggs 1kg [Pet Food/Treat/Dog Food/Cat Food] 宠物零食冻干鹌鹑蛋黄粒

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SKU: OOPSE20210509

Categories: Groceries & Pets, Pet Supplies

Freeze-dried chicken 500g & multiple choice freeze-dried 500g (direct feeding/feeding in water/feeding with mixed pet food)
鸡肉冻干 500g & 多种选择冻干500g (直接喂食/泡水喂食/拌粮喂食)
Flavour 口味:
Chicken 鸡肉冻干 500g
Chicken Breast 鸡胸肉冻干 500g
Chick Liver 鸡肝冻干 500g
Duck Cube 鸭肉冻干 500g
Duck Breast 鸭胸肉冻干 400g
Salmon Cube 三文鱼冻干 500g
Capelin 多春鱼“有籽”冻干 500g
10 Mixes 十种混合冻干 500g
Quail Eggs 鹌鹑蛋黄粒 1kg
Egg yolk 蛋黄粒冻干 1kg