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Miss Moter Original Face Wax Peeling Cherry Blossom 200ml Pink

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SKU: MM20210910

Categories: Health & Beauty, Face Make Up

Product Description :

Method of Use:
Face Wax

1. After cleansing face, In face of wax A little face wax.

2. Wax will face evenly. Apply to the whole face.

3. Wait for 15 to 30 minutes Clock, let face completely Dry.

4. Gently torn off already. After the dry face wax.

5. In the end, with water, please After cleaning, use bright skin water effect is better.

Cherry Blossom Beauty Facial Wax
Contains an enzyme that can help improve skin texture.
The skin becomes smooth and soft.
Improve skin acne.
Lighten skin color.

Sakura leaf flavonoids act as antioxidants,
helps improve skin elasticity, shrink pores and balancing the water and oil levels.


*The face - lift.


*Improves skin elasticity.

*Shrink pores.

*The oil level Balancing face.

*Make the face look slimmer (Make V faces).