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Safe Battery Hair Trimmer For Babies Thin Hair/ Pencukur rambut halus bayi/ Cukur Rambut Bayi

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SKU: MM20210910

Categories: Baby & Toys, Kids Health & Skincare

Perhatian kepada para pelanggan, pencukur ini akan dibuka setiap satu dan mata pisau akan diminyakkan terlebih dahulu untuk memastikan ia dalam keadaan baik.

The blade is safe and will not injure your skin or babies skin. Can be use to trim eyebrow, mustache or your babies thin hair. For gromming purposes. Use AAA batteries and available in black or pink.

Material: Shell aluminum + inner core ABS plastic

2 trimming attachments: for 2 mm/.4 mm hair length

Protective cover

Angled head for convenient use

Battery power supply: 1 AAA battery (NOT INCLUDED)

Battery Installation:

Switch off the appliance. Remove the protective cover from the battery compartment. Insert one AAA battery. Place the cover back. Head Cleaning:

Switch off the appliance. Put down the head holder. Take the head off and remove hair, dust, etc. with the help of the enclosed brush. Place the head back and fix it with the holder.