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TG Lab The best Miss Belle Detox Foot Patch 日本美之惠养生美人足贴

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SKU: CAG20210404

Categories: Health & Beauty, Personal Care

ust a day regimen of one between a tear

Miss Belle Foot Detox Patch main purpose is improving sleep, dehumidification and decompression has a particularly good effect. The foot patch promotes metabolism and improves sleep. The meridian circulation is smooth, not blocked, good circulation, and good physical strength. good quality of sleep, so the body naturally strengthen the immune system.

Many people in the current society often stay up late and lack of sleep time, which has a great impact on immunity. To improve immunity, adequate and high-quality sleep is very necessary. Sleep is the time for our body to repair itself. Sleep When sleep factors help our body increase white blood cells, white blood cells can help us resist and eliminate invading germs. If we do not sleep well, our body has no time to repair itself, the production of white blood cells may be affected, and immunity is likely to decline.
Contain: 1 pack 30pieces

美の惠排毒足贴主要功效👇 👇 👇
1⃣ 疏通经络、排毒养颜、加快新陈代谢、加速血液循环。
2⃣ 改善面部的微循环,消除黑斑、雀斑、面色无光及皱纹,净化血液,清除自由基,减少重金属在体内积存,使面部肌肤有光华。
3⃣ 加速身体脂代谢,吸出体内废油、调节血脂、血压、血糖。
4⃣ 改善女性痛经、体寒、生理不畅、小腹下坠。
5⃣ 消除亚健康头痛、疲劳、眩晕、失眠、厌食、便秘、多梦、记忆力衰退。
6⃣ 祛除风湿关节炎、肩周炎、腰肌劳损、腿沉腿僵、骨质增生、软组织挫伤和关节扭伤等。
7⃣ 改善胸闷、气短、咳嗽、哮喘、支气管炎等慢性疾病 。