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Premium Raw Honey

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SKU: KAB20210223

Categories: Groceries & Pets, Beverages

=Product introduction/产品介绍=
Honey is a kind of natural food, is a nutrient-rich natural nourishing food. Honey is made up of a single sugar of glucose and fructose, can be directly absorbed by the human body, especially the elderly have a good health care role, and thus known as "the elderly milk."

=Nutritional value /营养价值=
The main ingredient of honey is sugar, of which 60%~80% is easily absorbed by the human body glucose and fructose, mainly as a nutritional tonic. Because honey is more likely to be absorbed by the body containing monosaccharides, do not need to be digested can be absorbed by the body, for women, young children, especially the elderly. With nourishing, moisturizing, detoxification, whitening and nourishing, moisturizing the effect of bowel defecation, the effect of cough treatment for children is very good.

=How To Use如何使用=
- Making Sauce制作酱料
- Cake making制作蛋糕
- Making cookies制作饼干
- Making bread制作面包
- Making drinks制作饮料

=Suitable for people/适宜人群=
Are edible in the general population.
Note: One year old in the baby, diabetic patients, cirrhosis patients, these three people should not eat honey. In addition, honey is susceptible to botulinum lever bacteria defiled dyeing, the use of honey flavor of meat food, it is not appropriate to use vacuum packaging before incomplete killing bacteria, so as to avoid the growth of botulinum lever bacteria. Glucose in honey tends to accelerate the growth of bacteria, so the after-sealing honey needs to be refrigerated and preserved.
注意:1歲以內的嬰兒、糖尿病患者、肝硬化患者,此3種人不宜食用蜂蜜。此外,蜂蜜容易遭到肉毒桿菌所汙染,使用蜂蜜調味過的肉類食品,不宜在未完整殺菌之前,使用真空包裝,以免肉毒桿菌滋生。 蜂蜜中的葡萄糖容易加速細菌的滋生,所以開封後的蜂蜜,需要冷藏保存。

Product name/產品名字:Lohas Premium Raw Honey 特级纯蜜糖 1kg
Brand 牌子:Lohas
Ingredient/成份: 100% raw honey
Net weight/內容量:1kg
Application/用途:Use honey to sweeten your dressings or marinades.
Country of Origin/產地:Vietnam
Precautions/注意事項:Store in cool dry place/請放置陰涼處

Calories 卡路里(每100g):304
Glycemic Index (GI)/ 升糖指数:55
Glycemic index level:
When the glycemic index is below 55, it can be considered as a low-GI food.
When the glycemic index is between 55 and 70, the food is a medium GI food.
Foods with a glycemic index above 70 are considered high GI foods.
当血糖生成指数在55以下时, 可认为该食物为低GI食物;

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