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内衣内裤洗衣液去除血渍污渍杀菌 Underwear Liquid Detergent 280g

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SKU: QAA20210319

Categories: Home & Appliances, Washers & Dryers

Underwear, underwear, laundry detergent, men and women, does not irritate, leaving fragrance, washing, cleaning fluid, removing blood stains, stains, and sterilizing vibrato
抖音网红内衣裤洗凝露去渍去异味洗衣液内衣内裤专用洗衣液💕Special Cleaning Agent for Underwear Washing Sterilization Liquid Detergent Antibacterial Wash Period to Blood 280ml

1. Killing the germs (staphylococcus aureus) and 99% mites
2. Mild formula, gentle to hands
3. Safe and soft to skin, environment-friendly products
4. Moderate bubbles, easy to wash,
5.Keeping the clothes with bright colour ,not hurt the fabric
6.Oxi clean ingredients penetrate into the inner of fiber of fabric, quickly dissolve deep stains
7.Fresh&sweet fragrance