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🔴 QuarXery Firming Collagen sleeping mask 泉兮胶原蛋白晚安冻膜🔴

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SKU: BAE20210324

Categories: Health & Beauty, Skin Care






Please look for the genuine product❗❗We are brand authorization certificate. Recently, I have seen a lot of counterfeit goods on the platform. I believe that all buyers are wise, please choose the right one

一盒 = 4ml x 20小包。One box = 4ml x 20 packs

它的三大核心成分是:神经酰胺,肌肽,木糖醇,有效的补水保湿,镇静修护、紧致肌肤,对抗初老,补充营养。此外还可以改善粗糙细纹,水油平衡:调节皮脂,减轻肌肤油腻,保持肌肤清新,绽放肌肤年轻状态 The 3 core ingredients are Ceramide, Carnosine & Xylitol, which effectively moisturizing, calming and repairing, firming the skin, fighting early age, supplementing nutrition. In addition, it can improve rough fine lines, water-oil balance: adjust sebum, reduce skin greasiness, keep skin fresh and bloom, youthful skin.
干性、中性、油性、混合性、敏感肌、痘肌、孕妇、哺乳期都适合使用 Dry, neutral, oily, combination, sensitive & acne skin, pregnant and lactation are suitable as well.

干性和中性肌 - 涂抹静止片刻入睡,第二天清洗,建议每天使用。油皮、混油皮、敏感、痘肌 - 敷大概15~20分钟后清洗,使用夜间保湿产品即可,建议2~3天使用一次。For dry and neutral skin - apply one pack on face and neck before sleep, wash off next day, recommended to use every day. For oily, mixed oily, sensitive & acne skin - apply one pack for about 15~20 minutes and wash off, then use your night moisturizing product, it is recommended to apply once every 2~3 days.
晚安冻膜有什么用途?1)作为睡眠面膜,睡前涂抹,免洗直接睡。2)做为修复面膜,冷藏后涂抹,缓解晒后灼热,迅速镇静肌肤。3)做为妆前面膜,上妆前涂抹,30分钟后洗去,上妆服帖不浮粉。4)做为保湿面膜,白天在冷气房皮肤干燥,涂抹保湿锁水。What is the use of jelly mask? 1) Use as sleeping mask, apply evenly on face & neck before sleep, wash off next day. 2) Use as repair mask, apply after refrigerating to relieve the sunburn and quickly calm the skin. 3) Use as make-up mask, apply before makeup, wash off after 15~20 minutes, then apply your makeup. 4) Use as moisturizing mask, use during daytime in the air-conditioned room, moisturize skin and lock water.