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Lactation Cookies/Oatmeal Cookies 催奶饼/燕麦饼 (270g)

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SKU: LHS20210628

Categories: Groceries & Pets, Food Staple

✅Trusted seller ❗❗
👶🏻Product : Milk Booster Lactation Cookies/ Biskut Tambah Susu Badan/ Oatmeal Cookies/Breastfeeding Cookies 催奶饼 / 燕麦饼
👶🏻Ingredient : Brewer Yeast, Flax Seed, Rolled Oat, Dark Chocolate chips, coconut oil

Freshly bake upon order . Suitable for those mommy like to have milk booster snack. Easy, Effective, Yummy, Healthy Lactation Cookies

👶🏻Taste: Crunchy .

👶🏻Weight : 270g (18pcs 1 Jar)1 Jar can be finish for within 3-4days

👶🏻How to eat: 3 - 5 cookies should increase supply, but please do take into account your daily calorie limit when adding these to your diet. More than 5 cookies per day cannot harm you, but you might end up gaining some unwanted extra pounds. Lactation cookies work fairly quickly, but consistency is key! We recommend enjoying our Lactation cookies one hour before breastfeeding or pumping, and doing this consistently is when you'll really start to see results.

👶🏻Why these Specific Ingredients for our Breast Milk Cookies?
-Our lactation cookies cookies not only increase supply, but they improve the quality (richness) of breast milk by adding important vitamins, fats, and nutrients to the mix.

🌱Oats - Contains Saponins. Saponins help to increase levels of the lactation hormone Prolactin. They also increase Oxytocin (feel-good hormone) levels, which is another essential hormone for lactation. Oats are also full of protein, vitamins and minerals. More about oatmeal and your breast milk supply.

🌱Flaxseeds (linseed) - Contains high amounts of fatty acids. Giving you and your baby’s immune system a boost.

🌱Brewer's yeast - Contains a lot of Vit B.

🌱Coconut oil - Increases the levels of Lauric and Capric acid in breast milk, therefore, your milk will contain an increased amount of antimicrobials. This means extra protection from viruses, bacteria, and fungus (yeast infections) for you and your baby.