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Charmnote Eco Vegetables and Fruit Wash (200ML)

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SKU: BAC20210322

Categories: Groceries & Pets, Household Supplies

Welcome To Bio Greenco

Product:Charmnote Eco Fruit and Vegetable Wash (200ML)

Charmnote Eco Fruit and Vagetable Wash is water activated and must be diluted before.Suitable to use in food processing areas.Charmnote Eco Fruit and Vagetable Wash a cleaner wash or spray for fruit and vegetable.It is a non-toxic, non-hazardous and environmentally sustainable product.

EcoSuper XF suitable for small organic gardens through to large agriculture facilities.

Don't worry to use our products because it is Eco,safe and non-toxic

Our products are from Australia and it is Halal and Grey Water Safe.

Our Charmnote must added with water only can activate!!!!!!

Directions Of Use
Put 10ML of Charmnote into 1L of water.After that put your fruit or vegetable in and wait 10-20minutes.Then you can rinse it!

Produk: Pembersih Buah dan Sayuran Ekologi Charmnote (200ML)
Charmnote Eco Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner diaktifkan dengan air dan mesti dicairkan sebelum boleh digunakan di kawasan pemprosesan makanan. Produk lestari alam sekitar.

EcoSuper XF sesuai untuk kebun organik kecil hingga ke kemudahan pertanian yang besar.

Jangan risau untuk menggunakan produk kami, kerana produk ini mesra alam, selamat dan tidak beracun

Produk kami berasal dari Australia, ia adalah produk yang halal Dan selamat dari air dan kelabu.

penting! ! ! !
Charmnote kami mesti diaktifkan dengan air! ! ! !

Arahan penggunaan
Tuangkan 10 ml Charmnote ke dalam 1 liter air, kemudian masukkan buah-buahan atau sayur-sayuran anda ke dalamnya, tunggu selama 10-20 minit, dan kemudian anda boleh bilas


Charmnote Eco水果和蔬菜清洗剂是水活化的,必须先稀释后才能在食品加工区域使用。环境可持续的产品。

EcoSuper XF适用于小型有机花园到大型农业设施。





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